WorkSafe™ Technologies is dedicated to providing our customers with high-quality, cost effective products and services, in order to reduce the threat from non-structural hazards in the workplace. From our revolutionary ISO-Base™ Base Isolation Technology to simple desktop fasteners like the QuakeMat™, our product offering is diverse and are the highest quality seismic mitigation products found anywhere. In use around the world at Fortune 500® companies, financial institutions, government agencies, schools, universities and hospitals - WorkSafe™ Technologies products and services have been protecting critical business assets for more than two decades.

Office Environment Seismic Security Equipment Office/Desktop Equipment

Desktop Equipment can be easily overlooked during a seismic hazard survey. The need to make individual workstations safe and secure is a requirement for doing business in a seismically active area. Recent earthquakes clearly illustrate the need to protect your workers from the dangers of falling computer equipment as they attempt to duck, cover, and hold during a seismic event.

Aside from the threat to personal safety, computers are vitally important to the operational security of most businesses. Damage to computer systems and networks may cripple the ability of an organization to quickly recover. Our ISO-Base™ Seismic Isolation Platforms will protect your sever equipment, but individual desktop computers are also valuable asset not only because of the cost of the equipment, the safety of your workers, but also because of the importance of the data contained within.