Interlocking Barrel Pallet™

Flexible Stainless Steel or Urethane Grip Support Bands

Bands properly conform to any barrel shape with unprecedented gripping action. The barrel is protected without pressure points that may cause barrel leaks. The same bands are used for placing on top of lower barrel pallets, improving stability of the entire stack.

Adjustable Stainless Steel Leveling Feet

The best way to start a straight and safe barrel stack is to level the first rack. Our leveling feet can be preset to match the existing floor slope or wrench adjusted as needed.

Interlocking Bumper System

A center bumper keeps the forklift operator from damaging barrels and also interlocks pallets front to back.

Protective Wear Guards

Durable Polymer Wear Guards placed at all points where forklifts lift pallet to prevent damage to powder coating.

Interchangeable and Replaceable Components

The high-strength welded base frame is designed to allow changes to components to transition into higher rated SeismaRack™ options. The exible support bands, wear guards, and leveling feet can be easily replaced.

Highest Quality Powder Coat Finish

Our seven step cleaning process, zinc-rich primer, and a high quality powder coat nish stops the spread of rust.

Interlocking Bracket System

A self-guiding male/female connection on the ends of the pallet creates a stable connection between stacks of barrels.

12 Year Product Warranty

Our innovative features and high quality components allow us to provide a 12 year limited warranty which is nearly three times the useful life of competitive products.

Industry Standard Dimensions

The convenience of a two-barrel rack made to industry standard dimensions allows for its use on processing lines and standard barrel washers.
When interlocked its stability exceeds that of four barrel racks.